"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must. But take the step." 

So, how do we begin? 

It all begins with a one-on-one chat during the complimentary, Simply You Discovery Consultation.

We will schedule a date and time to chat about your current lifestyle, routine and primary health & wellness goals.

I work with clients in person or online over Skype - even if you are local to Bermuda, online is an option for you.

If you decide to sign on for any of the below, we'll then discuss payment options and processing. We're ready to get started with either:

Private Coaching

Three or Six Month Journeys

 The most profound way to work together to get  you to where you want to be in your health, mindset and lifestyle. We will look to the future, using your personal wellness goals, to create an empowering vision of  your healthiest you  ~ how your life has changed, how you show up for yourself & loved ones, how you feel inside and out, most importantly, how you truly care for yourself ~ mind, body, spirit ~ on a daily basis. Then, we'll establish sustainable action steps, with a huge side of fierce self-love and care, to get you there.

These journeys are $150 per month, for in person 1-1 coaching, and $120 for online 1-1 coaching. The Three Month Journey has the option to extend.

You receive two 60 minute sessions per month, email/text support in between sessions, recipes, nutritional & wellness guidance, loving accountability, and if we are working together in person, add a few of my favorite health nutty finds, products and a grocery store tour. Call me your Wellness Concierge!

The Jumpstart 

 You already know how to eat well and what to do to feel your best but you find that the daily responsibilities of life (or an amazingly indulgent vacation..) or a deflated spirit have gotten you off track. You are ready to get back in your groove!  This is perfect to get re-inspired, recommitted and accountable in making your health & wellbeing a priority once again. 

After we discuss your needs, we'll get right to the point with laser coaching.

For $120, you'll receive two 60 minute sessions over one month and email/text support in between sessions.

Done & dusted, baby!

 Simply Inspirational 

 A 60 minute pow-wow clarity & empowerment session.  This can be wellness related or not and for when you just need to refocus, bend an objective ear and re-inspire yourself to make a decision or simply live your best life! Just let me know what you need from me. No initial consultation required.

$60 for a one hour session.


Group Coaching

Sometimes, there's no greater journey than one taken with others. Divine support, accountability and love. Launching in Fall 2017! 


General inquiries?