"Most people know what they need to do to improve their lifestyle, but most people also need a little loving guidance and accountability in getting there." 


Firstly, LOVE and honor where you are ~ physically, mentally & emotionally ~ in YOUR health JOURNEY now. Right this second! This is where it all begins. You don't have to wait "until...." to love where and who YOU are now. You deserve to. Always remember this.

I work with women who are ready to: 

Feel AH-MAZING and CONFIDENT in their own skin, right now. Yes, right now. Because you can and deserve to.

Shed the physical, mental & emotional weight by learning to take ~fierce, radical, divine, deep ~ physical & mental SELF-CARE for ultimate change in their habits.

Discover FOOD FREEDOM, quit dieting, calorie counting, labeling "good foods vs. bad foods", incorporate healthy habits over restriction, still enjoy the foods they love and find an ideal way of eating for their unique body which feels good with whole, real food most of the time.

Live with an invigorating feeling of BALANCE in the chaos of everyday life through good eating and daily mental & physical self-care.

Unlearn all those pesky, confusing, nutrition myths and have access to a WELLNESS Concierge - moi!

Make their version of a healthier lifestyle second nature, a naturally evolving, EVERYDAY reality.

If any of the above resonates with you, reach out to me. It is my divine mission to help other women develop a loving and positive relationship with food, but most importantly with themselves.

*Note - You don't need to have a certain relationship with food to work with me. I also love to work with anyone who would simply like guidance in establishing a healthier lifestyle.

Again, where do I come in during the journey? I provide insight, guidance, accountability, a little nudge when needed and empowerment in a fun, loving, creative and sometimes goofy, down to earth way.  

All for you to - Be Well. Be Nourished, Be You.

Simply Well.


 Are you ready to make the commitment to fiercely take care of you?