Firstly, the client is the expert in his or her own wellbeing. A Health Coach encourages a client driven coaching relationship, providing support and a safe space for clients to seek from within in order to achieve their health and wellness goals.  Health Coaching focuses on the future, provides insight, guidance and accountability. It's about partnering with the client to create manageable, actionable strategies to work through any internal and external obstacles in getting them from where they are to where they want to be. 

 I am a Health & Lifestyle Coach. I also refer to myself as  Body Love Coach. 

I believe in loving your body, as it is, right now, and that ultimate physical change is rooted in supreme ~ mental, physical, emotional, soulful ~ self-care, self-love and self-acceptance. 

I believe in having a non-restrictive, intuitive approach to food. Learning to choose nourishing  whole, delicious food most of the time and leaving room for also choosing a little indulgence. And being okay with that choice.  

I believe in active movement which feels good during and after. Activities we look forward to and truly enjoy, because we intuitively listening to our unique body, and which are still effective at giving us physical & mental results.

Lastly, I believe that we are all unique. We are all individually different in our needs, what drives us, motivates us, tastes good to us, feels good - you get it! Thus we should treat ourselves this way. All health and nutrition rules do not apply to everyone. In fact, chuck em'. The key is to listen to your own body, tune in to what you really need, provide that and learn to deeply love it in the process. It will then love you back.

This work is so personal to me. I am divinely committed to helping others live 'now' in the bodies they were blessed with; focusing on simply treating them well without the pressure of just trying to change them. It's liberating! Transform the inside and the outside will follow. (*insert sparkle emoji here...)

If any of this speaks to you and you are at all curious, my darling, I would love to chat about how I may be able to help you to shine from within!