I've been trying to perfect my recipe for feel good, fluffy, freakin' delish pancakes for a while now, but I think I've finally done it...Yay!

Gluten Free Banana Oat Pancakes

I mentioned these pancakes in my last post with the sweet potato cakes, which paired together were off the charts...like whoa!

Here's how I made em' ...

I ground Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free oats in my Ninja (hiiiiya!) to make about two cups of oat flour.

I added and blended with the rest of the dry ingredients: 2 tsp Bob's Red Mill baking powder, three shakes of Cinnamon, 1 tbsp of Bob's Red Mill Chia Seed, 1/2 tsp of sea salt.

In a separate bowl I mixed the wet ingredients together: 1 happy egg, 1 cup of Califia Farms Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, 1/2 cup of Rachel's Organic plain greek, yogurt 1 tsp of Frontier Vanilla Extract, one overripe very spotty banana (super nutritious when they look scary!).

Combine the dry and wet ingreeds together to make the batter. While this was happening I heated a pan with ghee and coconut oil on medium heat.

Once the pan was ready, I spooned enough batter for the cakes to be about small-medium in size, three fit in the medium sized pan together. 



 This recipe made 10 pancakes, some were plain, blueberry and chocolate chip. I dropped a few blueberries onto the first cakes while they were cooking and for the last bit of batter I mixed in Pascha Organic Semi-Sweet Cacao Chocolate Chips while still in the bowl.

They are sweet enough to go without syrup but if you must - and sometimes you just gotta - use organic Maple Syrup.

Image - www.very well.com

Image - www.very well.com

Enjoy Lovelies'!




Savory Sweet Potato Cakes

Sweet Potatoes ... I dig em'. A lot!

So when sweet potato season returned (to Bermuda that is) I bought every single one I laid my eyes on (well, basically) out of insane excitement and then, I needed something to do with the lot of them.

I roasted them. I mashed them. I baked them. I added them to smoothies (uh..Fall feels ...so good)....

Then, I caked them. *Drool* 

Here's how ...

I boiled about two cups of chopped sweet potato until soft, about half and hour.

That color!

Then I mashed them, added Kerrygold unsalted butter, sea salt, turmeric, all spice, fresh garlic and pepper. Taste test along the way ... the best part ...and adjust seasoning to preference. I let the mash cool a bit. 

I super seasoned the bread crumbs (see pic below .. bought from Lindo's Devonshire) with sea salt, chili powder and pepper and set aside. The fun, play-with-your-food part, which kiddos will love (...I do anyway and couldn't manage a photo!), I hand molded the mash into medium sized cakes. While doing this, I had a pan medium-heating with ghee.

Once you got your little cakes, dip each side in your seasoned bread crumbs. I didn't use egg for this process, although you can if you prefer. 

Fry em' up! I would say about 15 minutes, until each side is buttery looking, golden brown. I used a piece of paper towel on a plate to rest them on.

Two cups of sweet potato mash made about 10 medium sized cakes.

The best part is that these cakes, and sweet potato in general, are so versatile. I have them over a salad, with other roast veg, as a side for beef, chicken or fish or with a fried egg, runny yolk on top of a banana oat pancake (recipe for these up next .... see pic below!).

Banana oat pancake, savory sweet potato cake, fried egg and Bermy Fresh pea shoots. I bow down. INSANE!

It feels good to be back and bloggin' again! If you try this recipe let me know what you think or tag Simply Well, Bermuda in a photo. Also, let me know what else you'd like to see on the blog - food, lifestyle, wellbeing ... send me a message :)

In the mean time, time to make another batch ...



There are so many things in the works personally and with Simply Well. I have had to get real with my time, prioritize and have ultimately decided to commit only to sporadic blogging for now.

The S.W. Blog will be back on the regular soon and I really hope you will too! Xx