Welcome to Simply Well, Bermuda!

I'm Jenna, a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. During my year long training at IIN,  I was familiarized with many dietary and wellness theories. My lecturers included real food pioneers, experts, coaches and key public figures in holistic wellness, spiritual guidance, sports & functional medicine and finance, most with a health story of their own to share. This made for a very well rounded understanding of what optimal health and wellness is, how it is individual to everyone and different ways to achieve it. Now, I am sharing this 'wellth', all the body positivity and love!

I am taking my personal experiences and everything I have learned to carve my own little way into the wellness world to help women. Women who have spent years being on diet after diet with endless calorie counting, all with the wrong foods and sometimes with non-foods, striving for 'that body' ... you know ... the one we were conditioned to believe we should have from a very young age. All of this backfires with emotional & binge eating, self-loathing for poor choices and no idea how to be happy without thinking about food and 'that body'. So why am I helping women who have been or are going through all of this? Because I have been there. Everything that I described is what I have been through and it, for lack of a more sophisticated word, sucks. I finally realized that for half of my life, I had never gotten anywhere or changed my body in a positive way by constantly criticizing it. So I decided to try a different approach - to accept it, learn to love it and take care of it. I focused purely on how my body felt and made best friends with and mastered my mind, and that inner mean girl. Allowing myself to live without feeling the  pressure to look a certain way was/is liberating. It all seemed to fall into place. I don't have the body I was always after because it was never attainable anyway. I am me and I don't want to spend a minute longer torturing myself to get there. I have a body that is ~ healthy inside, both nourished & full of dark chocolate sometimes, can run a mile,  loves to have fun and laugh. I have never been in a more balanced place with my attitude toward it. 

A little more about me personally - I was born, raised and currently live in Bermuda, the most beautiful island in the world! I consider myself very lucky to be married to an amazing man who is my best friend, team mate, lobster for life. I have incredible and supportive parents, siblings, family and friends. In the summer I am on the water with a spritzer in hand, reggae playing, floating on a noodle. In the winter, curled up at home with a TV show or movie, researching wellness articles and trends. I make honoring my mental and physical self-care a priority and I am better for it everyday. I have learned to love exercise and crave a good sweat a few times a week. I thrive on balance in all things in life and food. Healthy habits over restriction works for me now. I am a huge foodie. A real, whole food, foodie and have a knack for turning traditionally unhealthy favorites into healthier alternatives. Of course sometimes, there is just no substitute! Most importantly, I treat myself within supreme self care, love, compassion and understanding. It has been a journey, but the changes I have made with the way I feel and my mindset have been everything positive!

So, that's me in a coconut shell ...

And, I'm an open coconut shell so if you have any questions at all, please reach out. Thanks for being here!

To your vibrant health & wellbeing,


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